Saturday, April 14, 2012

My best buds' blogs

Two of my best buds' have started blogs that have nothing to do with terrorism, conflict resolution, national security, or international affairs. Which is probably why I like them so much.

My hometown best bud, bandmate, future collaborator/co-conspirator Beaux runs a blog called Best Buds. It's simple: "Photos of Best Buds." The site is endearing, infectious, and kinda sweet -- much like Miller High Life.

Another best bud (as well as professional colleague/ideological commiserator) Gustav has thrown his hat into the ring of "internet nerds kvetching" with his site Nerds of a Feather. His plans are far more grandiose than a simple blog about which comics/movies/novels/albums suck and which suck less. And knowing how OCD Gustav can be, I imagine he might succeed in doing something quite cool.

Coming soon, The Drums of War. And bourbon-fueled late-night neighborhood vigilantism in East Hollywood...though not soon enough.

Aupa adixkideak!

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